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At last - graffiti wipes that work, wipe away unwanted graffiti as easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Graffiti removal wipes are ready to use
  • Individually sealed wipes
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Anyone can use the graffiti paint remover.
  • Trusted across the world.
  • 100% Quality tested.
  • Does not dry out
  • Highly recommended for removing graffiti in Businesses, Homes, Schools and Councils.

The world’s Best graffiti removal wipes!

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The World’s Best graffiti removal wipes will eradicate Spray cans, Ballpoint pens, Felt pens, Paints, Crayons, and Magic Markers

The graffiti remover products will remove graffiti from:

  • Walls
  • Signs
  • Chairs
  • Whiteboards
  • Newspaper dispensers
  • Bathroom walls
  • Desks
  • Post boxes
  • Commercial
  • Road signs
  • Signal Control Boxes
  • Playground structures
  • Cars / trucks / trailers / equipment
  • Bus stops
  • Powder coat
  • Plastics
  • Acrylics

Vandalism is a routine problem in any major area. The most overt form of vandalism, graffiti, can ruin walls, street signs, advertisements, and creates an eyesore for citizens and tourists. Small towns are not immune to this problem.

There are several ways to combat graffiti. Until recently, the most popular and intuitively easiest way to get rid of graffiti has been to paint over areas that have been spray-painted. If graffiti is applied to a street sign it cannot be removed by simple painting over it as the street sign must convey important information to traffic and/or pedestrians. Due to the graffiti it is often the case that the authority will replace the sign, an expensive and unwanted process.

Graffiti Removal Ltd have launched "Graffiti Safewipes" graffiti remover products into the UK and Europe. A revolutionary graffiti paint remover system that allows the removal of graffiti from most surfaces while still preserving the integrity of that surface. The graffiti remover products "Safewipes," self-dubbed the "greatest graffiti paint removal system in the world," provide a do-it-yourself system that allows anyone with the ability to wipe to simply wipe-away unwanted graffiti paint markings.

Graffiti Removal Ltd supply in low-cost sets, either for individual or for trade/council use. These graffiti wipes can be used with any skill level and with no prior experience to remove graffiti from cars, street lights, signs, windows, and walls. What makes these graffiti wipes special is their patented design.

The graffiti wipes are individually packed towels containing a unique formulation made from 100% biodegradable plant oils and alcohols. Also included is the graffiti wipes "afterwipes" in the ‘Handy Pack’ to ensure that the job is left looking great after the graffiti has been removed.

Graffiti Removal Ltd "Safewipes" are now the leading graffiti remover products in the industry, trusted by several of the largest graffiti-removal contractors around the world.

Simply wipe away graffiti, easy as 1, 2, 3
Remove graffiti without fear of damage and liability
Save time and money
No waste, no half empty bottles on shelves
Ready to go anytime - keep them handy in every fleet vehicle
Easily distributed amongst many end users

‘World's Best’ Graffiti Remover Products are now used by over 1,000 cities in 7 countries around the world including many of the most successful municipal graffiti removal campaigns in the USA, UK and Australia.

We are passionate about providing total answers to graffiti removing product cleaning problems. We've been doing it for many years with amazing success.

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