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How to use Graffiti Remover Products - Graffiti Wipes

How to Use Graffiti Removal Wipes, Graffiti Removal Spray & Graffiti Paint Remover for Removing Graffiti.

how step 1

Step 1

Before using graffiti remover product for your campaign in removing graffiti put on the protective gloves provided in the graffiti removing products handy pack

how step 2

Step 2

Gently wipe graffiti paint remover to the unwanted graffiti using the graffiti removing products" Graffiti Wipes " in a circular motion to break down the paint and begin graffiti removing process.

how step 3

Step 3

Wipe off all paint residue using the graffiti removing products 'afterwipes' to leave the surface completely restored. Amazing graffiti paint remover works as easy as 1-2-3. Leading solution for removing graffiti and the most trusted worldwide graffiti removal products.